7 tips for writing sharpshootin’ bulletpoints web copy

Jan 20, 2019 | Copywriting | 0 comments

While the general rule of online copywriting is “one topic per page”, web copywriters often need to mention several topics, benefits or ideas on a single website page, a blog post or email newsletter. So what to do?

One very effective solution is to insert meaningful subheads every two to four paragraphs. Alternatively, you may want to consider another writing tool that born to shine on the web – the humble bulletpoint.

In print, bulletpoints can look messy. On the web they are a quick, clean and effective way to convey several important or discrete points in limited space – the perfect addition to your online copywriting bag of tricks.

Of course, like any secret writers weapon, you must only use bulletpoints for the greater good of your readers, business and search engine ranking. Overuse or abuse will strip them of their magic powers.

Here are some tips to keep your bulletpoint copy on target:

1. Bulletpoints are like baby headlines. Make sure each one includes a feature, benefit or promise.
2. Keywords, and keyword related phrases, should be included if possible.
3. They should encourage the audience to read the rest of your body copy, or move ahead with your call to action.
4. Hyperlinking keywords or action words in your bulletpoints is an effective way to move readers deeper into your site, or to take action.

Hyperlinking example:

  • Check ACME conference dates in you city
  • Find out more information about your ACME conference speakers
  • Register for the conference

5. Try to keep your bulletpoints to the same length – one line each, two lines each, etc – so they are easier to read.
6. Use a simple layout. Don’t mix subheadings, bullets and sub-bullets.
7. Keep your bullet groups themed and maintain the same grammatical form.

An example of how simple, keyword-inclusive bulletpoints could be used to promote several benefits of a digital photography course website might be:

  • The truth about digital vs film cameras
  • Discover 6 easy point-n-click photo taking techniques.
  • Learn the fast way to create high quality jpeg images

So, if you need to get a number important points across to your audience in a single page of web copywriting, consider the power of the dot. While online readers might be natural page scanners, bulletpoints are nature’s handbrake to their roaming eye.

Simon Hillier is a copywriting specialist based in Sydney, Australia. His company, Get There Writing Services can help turn your ideas into words for the web, print, e-newsletters, articles, ebooks and scripts that speak to your target audience and make you shine on Google. For more articles and further information visit his website http://www.getthere.com.au



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