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About Simon Hillier

Australia’s favourite digital and AI content writing trainer
(who writes copy too)

Many moons ago, I escaped from a CBD e-commerce cubicle to start the business I love.

Over the 17 lunar calendars since, I’ve helped hundreds of organisations – and thousands of writers – use the power of words (and now, AI) to share their business ideas, big dreams and inspiring causes with the world.

Content has plenty on its plate.

It must captivate your readers – fast!

Then, become the liked and trusted voice of your business. Of you.

Because the right words assure your audience that you understand them.

That you’re the firetruck to their burning problems and desires.

That you’re the one they’ve been searching for.

But use the wrong words?

Well, let’s not even go there.

Instead, you can…

Learn with me. Or I can write for you.


If you’d love to create your own irresistible content, I offer group writing training, ChatGPT copywriting training and 1-1 coaching.

If you want a copywriter to turn your ideas into magnetic messages, I’ll go grab my Mad Men hat.

Training, coaching or writing, I’ll pour everything into your project that I’ve learned:

➡️ writing for 100s of clients, from SME to icons like Microsoft, Canva + PayPal

➡️ teaching 18000+ people how to be more skilled, confident and procrastination-free writers

➡️  hunched over keyboards for 47000+ hours, riding waves of writer’s excitement, wonder, frustration and bliss (quick shout out to my chiropractor)

So, if you have a business idea, big dream or inspiring cause that deserves the right words, we should talk.

More about why we might be good together

Sponge up my 24 years' web + AI content expertise

Eight years riding the dot-com rollercoaster

In the late 90s, I helped launch and manage e-commerce trailblazers, and

As head of Marketing & Content:

  • my email newsletters were read by over half a million subscribers
  • we recorded Australia’s 1st million dollar e-commerce sales day
  • I spoke at and chaired Australian and international e-commerce conferences
  • I learnt from thousands of web users what they want online.

17 years running my own show

  • Sydney-based Get There Content Services (formerly Get There Writing Services).
  • Specialising in digital content writing, ChatGPT and AI writing training and private coaching.
  • Located in sunny Manly – come and have a coffee, a beer or a swim!

My eclectic client mix, all need this one thing.

They’re big brands, small business, government, agencies and non-profits.

I train many, write for some and private coach a select number.

They each have unique goals, be it:

  • Lifting traffic, sales, and profits.
  • Building customer trust, brand loyalty and authority.
  • Enhancing bodies, minds and lives.
  • And so much more.

But they all need one thing to get them there. The right words.

Get a snapshot of who I've written millions of words for

Web and SEO copy, blogs, sales funnels, EDMs, whitepapers, ads, scripts, social posts – you name it, I’ve written it for:

  • SMEs and corporates
  • global giants such as Microsoft, PayPal, J&J, Cochlear, Canva, ING and Jaguar
  • do-greaters such as Black Dog Institute, MS Australia, Cancer Council and the Garvan Institute
  • government departments
  • ad, digital and SEO agencies.

Plus, print copy and everything from audio tours to royal online dating profiles (shh, I’ll never tell who!).

I’ve also penned eBooks and books for publishers, companies and some truly inspiring individuals.

See where the 17,500+ people I've taught come from

The most rewarding part of my job is helping people gain the skills and confidence to write in ways they could only imagine.

And, more recently, how to blend copywriting skills with advanced ChatGPT and AI prompts and strategies.

Over the past decade, I’ve taught more than 17,500 people better ways to connect with their audiences through words.

I relish every opportunity to:

It’s an amazing feeling that often leaves me…lost for words.

Check out some relevant qualifications

In the digital world, it’s crucial to discover, test and understand with what’s working now and what’s coming next.

I still learn something exciting every day – be it through courses, events, client projects and challenges, students, peers or devouring the latest industry news. A few of my content-related certifications include:

Understand why I love what I do

John Birmingham once summed it up, “Words matter, and the right words matter most of all. In the end they’re all that remain of us.”

This may sound lofty. Yet, even the smallest business or most unassuming government agency, can do incredible things with the right words:

  • Help.
  • Solve problems.
  • Build trust.
  • Inspire.
  • Change.
  • Woo.
  • Rank.
  • Sell.
  • Excite.
  • Entertain.
  • Captivate.
  • Titillate.
  • Persuade.
  • Move.

I started Get There to help people and organisations use that power to share the ideas, dreams and inspiring causes they believe in with the world.

It would be my pleasure to have a chat about the things I can help you achieve with the right words too.

Hemingway is my middle name. Seriously.

It was passed on from my grandpa.

No, not that Papa.

But if we do work together, it means you can say Hemingway penned your copy or taught you the tricks of the writing and roboting trade.

And be completely Ernest about it.

I’ve helped many different clients

Big brands, start-ups, SMEs, not-for-profits, government teams and others that defy a category. Here are some of their colourful logos.

Think we might work well together?

Call me on 0414 414 151 to discuss your needs. Or send the short form below and I’ll get back to you quickly.

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