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ChatGPT and Copywriting Training:

Blank page to captivating content

For business and government teams
Live online or face-to-face
2 x half-days or 1 x full-day

“I highly recommend Simon’s workshops to anyone looking to use content to drive engagement with their customers.”

– Fayaaz Hajiani, Senior Manager,
Digital Experience, APAC Salesforce

Lift your in-house content writing quality, speed, performance (and pleasure!)

Whether your team are writers, marketers or business specialists,  they all rely on finding the right words for the moment.

But crafting compelling copy and content can be a daunting chore – especially with so much pressure to perform, and competition to outperform.

Do your writers ever find themselves:

  • staring at blank pages, unsure where to begin?
  • struggling to turn great ideas into engaging and persuasive copy?
  • spending hours grinding out content, but not getting results?
  • drowning under the amount of quality content needed?

Perhaps, they’ve already tested ChatGPT and been:

  • disappointed by bland or cliched responses?
  • impressed, but are unsure how to get the best out of it?

If any of these questions made you nod on the inside (or yell, “Yes!” on the outside), this team training is the one your organisation has been waiting for.

Quickly write copy that delights and sells.  And get a robot to do all the hard work for you.


The ChatGPT and Copywriting Masterclass brings together proven copywriting techniques with the power of AI.

It’s made for business writers, marketers and ChatGPT users of all levels – from BEGINNER to PRO.

By the end of the workshop, your team will have the skills, knowledge and advanced ChatGPT prompts they need to produce the kind of copy and business communications they’ve always wanted to create and show off.

Plus, your business will slash hours, even days, off creating web pages, sales copy, emails, blogs, scripts, social posts and any other marketing and business communications.

Your team will learn pro copywriting techniques to:

  • Emotionally connect with your readers, listeners and watchers
  • Research, plan, write and edit webpages, blogs, emails and social content
  • Convey the right messages in intriguing ways (and in your voice)
  • Apply proven copywriting frameworks and psychology to your writing
  • Sell without sounding like a cringy used car sales (wo)man
  • Gain your ideal client’s attention, interest and trust
  • Overcome buyer hesitations
  • Craft calls-to-action that increase conversions e.g. calls, joins, purchases, etc

Discover my tested ChatGPT prompts and steps to quickly:

  • Uncover insights and research that would normally take days
  • Brainstorm ideas to unlock your team’s creativity
  • Create unique, compelling content outlines and drafts
  • Craft jaw-dropping headlines, subheads and bullet points
  • Write powerful email campaigns and subject lines
  • Watch fantastic blog post drafts be written before your eyes
  • Generate unique and irresistible social content
  • Conjure up your own powerful prompts and processes.

Walk (or Zoom) away with some business and content enhancing gold

  • Say goodbye to writer’s block.
  • Eliminate hours of writing and research time.
  • Publish great content, 10x faster than competitors.
  • Avoid spending thousands of dollars on hiring external copywriters.
  • Feel excited about writing (and a little smug, too).
  • Attract, captivate and convert more business.
  • Confidently use AI to take the lead in your industry

Freeing you up for more of the creative and strategic projects you enjoy. Or more time to sip margaritas by the pool.

Hi, I’m Simon

I’ve been a copywriter for over 24 years, writing for hundreds of small business owners, corporates, non-profits and mega-brands like Canva, Microsoft and PayPal.

I’ve also taught more than 17,000 people how to use the power of words to inspire, captivate and persuade their online readers.

This includes global marketing teams at Salesforce, Konica Minolta, federal and state government agencies, and scores more.

So, I know how time-consuming, energy-sapping and frustrating copy and content writing can be for many people. Even those who do it for a living.

Then, last November, ChatGPT burst onto the scene…

…and it’s sent the business world into a frenzy.

Having tested AI writers since 2018, I can confirm that this is not just a writing assistant, it’s a persuasive writing prodigy.

ChatGPT can help you create an endless stream of high-quality marketing content for your business.

As long as you use it the RIGHT way.

Prompt templates are handy. But, alone, they won’t help you create content that’s any different to all the other people relying on those same prompts.

To stand out and make ChatGPT a powerful and persuasive content partner, your writers also need to understand and learn the skills, techniques and psychology of copywriting.

That’s why I’m thrilled to bring you this workshop.

I want to help your team rapidly improve their writing skills, speed and performance for today. And become content specialists for the AI future.

I’ve helped many different clients

Big brands, start-ups, SMEs, not-for-profits, government teams and others that defy a category. Here are some of their colourful logos.

This is not just another
copywriting training session

You get 8 hours of live, personal guidance from a
pro copywriter, AI writer and coach.

Your workshop includes:

1 x full day or 2 x half days of world-first ChatGPT copywriting training.
An abundance of relevant examples, question time and practical exercises.
A comprehensive, 90-page course reference book for every participant.

Workshop Topics – Half Day One

Module One - Engaging and Connecting with your Audiences

  • How people read online today
  • Understanding your audience’s problems, needs, motivations and objections
  • Matching your goals with those of your audience
  • How to step into your reader’s shoes every time you write

Module Two - How to Write Clear and Concise Copy and Content

  • Plain language vs buzzwords, clichés and jargon.
  • Developing and finding the right tone of voice with the 3Ws
  • Levelling up your copy with cadence, rhythm and tone
  • Handy readability and editing tools – including ChatGPT

Module Three - Using ChatGPT to Plan and Write Better Content, Faster

  • Introduction to ChatGPT – capabilities, limitations
  • Why you still need to understand and master web writing techniques and principles
  • The most effective way to use ChatGPT to research, write and enhance content + copy
  • Researching your audience, industry and competition with ChatGPT
  • Prompts to help you create quality web content in minutes

Module Four - Using Psychology and Persuasive Copywriting Techniques

  • 7 principles of persuasion.
  • 3 irresistible persuasive copywriting techniques.
  • How to use them in your web, social, email and other content/copywriting
  • Using ChatGPT to brainstorm and write copy that includes the principles and techniques

Workshop Topics – Half Day Two

Module Five - A Copywriter's Best Friends: Features, Benefits and Problems

  • How to connect with and captivate readers using features and benefits.
  • 3 magnetic copywriting formulas for landing pages, blogs, emails, social posts and print.
  • Blending ChatGPT with irresistible copywriting formulas

Module Six - Creating Powerful Content + Copy for any Digital Channel

  • Mastering copy techniques and using ChatGPT to help you with all of the below
  • Brainstorming, angles and outlines
  • Headlines, subject lines, subheads, teasers, body copy, bullet points and hyperlinks.
  • Magnetic opening sentences, power words and specifics.
  • Techniques to help drive required action (CTAs).
  • Weaving stories into your digital content.
  • Engaging and accessible visual content.

Module Seven - Advanced ChatGPT Prompts and Techniques (Shhh!)

  • Little-known prompts, techniques and processes used by leading AI copywriters
  • More detailed specific answers/copy
  • More original and compelling copy
  • More human and ‘you’ like writing
ChatGPT and copywriting course

What course participants say

Having worked in copywriting and marketing for over a decade, I was slightly skeptical but highly intrigued! Simon's masterclass showed me how to put my existing skills to better use and create more impactful experiences for my customers and readers. The workshop was personalised, interactive and allowed me to work with new people, learn from others and apply my learnings in real time. Plus, I've got his 100+ page course handbook to refer to whenever I need it!

Aastha Sirohi - Marketing Manager - ProSpend

The session with Simon was mind-blowing. He’s super generous with his advice and has incredible depth of knowledge on copy, SEO, AI writing and UX for real business impact. He gave me so many actionable insights for my business.

Rachael Bailey - Lead Content Strategist, Writer & Producer

Simon's coaching sessions really helped me master my article writing craft, as well as speed writing, digital copy and using ChatGPT. His copywriting knowledge and tricks of the trade are second to none. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Lara Lee - Chef, Cookbook Author and Journalist

I've done many copywriting/marketing courses over the years, but none compare to Simon's. Adding ChatGPT propels it into the stratosphere! Not only do you learn the latest digital copywriting techniques, he shows you exactly how to marry them with AI to instantly get next-level results. If you don’t do this workshop, you are seriously missing out.

Teresa GratkowskiPacific Breeze Australia

What a brilliant, though-provoking and enhancing Copywriting and ChatGPT course. Simon's teaching and techniques are amazing. He even reviewed our websites and gave us creative and strategic ideas on how to use AI to drill down and create better copy.

Tania Sloan

As a lover of heart-centred communication, I’d been avoiding the AI-menace, thinking it was a soul-sucking, plagiarising road to Skynet. BUT…I’m now a huge fan because of the way Simon teaches it alongside copywriting skills and techniques. He showed us that ChatGPT is a powerful tool, whose usefulness is directly based on our own foundation of great copywriting and a true understanding of our clients.

Artemiss Keyhani - ArtemissK Clarity Coach & Copywriter

Simon's ChatGPT Masterclass is incredibly valuable! He put so much into the two days without overloading us. It's well paced, easy to digest and I could apply everything to my own work and client projects.
My brain is bursting with ideas and ways to use everything we learnt. I'm so impressed with how much of his own magic Simon willingly shared. And his workbook is going to be a Bible i'll hold onto and refer to again and again.

Jess McEachenMarketing Specialist, Intrinsic

Simon provided fantastic insight into ChatGPT. His practical/industry experience with copywriting and using AI tools is enormously helpful. The course work was well put together and easy to follow. He was engaging and attentive to the group needs, and provided lots of opportunities for experimenting with all the aspects being taught. Thank you for facilitating an exceptional training session!

North Sydney Council

For 20 years, we've produced print copy for our monthly publication. My writers had some digital writing experience, but our digital obligations have increased exponentially. I needed the right person to sharpen their skills, suggest contemporary approaches - including AI - and align that expertise with our web and social needs.
Simon brought a wealth of on-the-job experience, vast understanding of different writing requirements and tailored a bespoke solution for us. We're using his techniques every day.
Simon's a personable, knowledgeable and excellent educator. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Paul JonesStack Magazine - JB HiFi

FAQ you might have

Where are the workshops held?

This workshop can be delivered:

  • live online via Zoom/Teams
  • face-to-face.

I’m based in Sydney, but run -in-person and online workshops across Australia and around the world.

Is it suitable for non-technical people?


If it makes you feel better, I’m not from a tech background.

I’ve been a copywriter for 24 years and started testing AI writers back in 2018.

In the workshop, I explain everything in a non-jargony way to make it easy for beginners and people who don’t like tech-speak.

As for ChatGPT, if you can use a mouse and keyboard, you can easily show that robot who’s boss.

And, because it’s live training, you can also ask me questions or for help.

Can you guarantee results will improve?

I’m afraid I can’t do that.

However, I guarantee to equip your team with copywriting and psychology techniques and tools that have helped thousands of my training and coaching participants boost their writing speed, quality and results.

And I’ll share ChatGPT prompts and processes that can make it ever easier.

You’ll be privy to content I deliver to some of the biggest companies in the world.

And you’ll take away a 90-page course book containing all the topics we discuss. It’s a guide that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

Past participants have told me that this book alone is worth many hundreds of dollars and is their copywriting ‘bible’.

I’ll hand your staff all the copy tools, techniques and guidance. From there it’s up to them.

I can also do follow-up short sessions to see how your team are progressing and answer any questions.

If you need more assurance, read some of the testimonials from workshop attendees.

Or feel free to send me an email with any questions to

What times do workshop run?

The sessions are tailored to your needs.

In Australia, most clients choose:

  • 2 x half days: 9am – 1pm both days
  • 1 x full day: 9am – 4pm

Of course, for internationla clients, I can run the session at any convenient local time.

Hey, I’m too excited to sleep these days, anyway 🙂

Do you offer this as a group or tailored workshop for a team?

Absolutely! This training is for corporate, government, non-profit and agency teams.

It can be:

  • face-to-face or online
  • standard or fully tailored
  • for staff of all content skill and knowledge levels

If you’re interested in discussing a group workshop, or customised training:

Like a quote for Team ChatGPT and Copywriting Training?

Call Simon for a chat today on 0414 414 151. Or send the short form below and I’ll get back to you quickly.

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