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Web writing training clients

“Simon has crafted several highly engaging, relevant and tailored content writing workshops for our teams. He’s consultative during the whole planning process and always goes beyond my expectations in terms of preparation. And on the day, he can adapt on the fly to meet the specific needs of my team. The results have been exceptional.“
Michelle Houareau | Teachers Mutual Bank

“The best thing about Simon’s digital copywriting training was how detailed and tailored he made it. Not only did he research our company, but deeply investigated the quick service restaurant landscape to create a program that was informative and engaging. The exercises were especially helpful, and we even made live changes to an EDM campaign that was about to go out during the session!”
Amber Brousek | Krispy Kreme Australia

“Simon tailored the writing for the web workshop exactly to our needs. Right from the start he exposed us to handy tools and practical tricks to improve our web writing. Simon has a wealth of knowledge and the entire day was a mind-blowing experience for our team.”
Anneloes de Graeff | Faculty of Arts University of Adelaide

“Simon took care to understand our goals, challenges, key audiences and the capacities and experience of the participants. He devised and presented extremely comprehensive and highly relevant sessions. He was also a very engaging presenter. The feedback at all levels was overwhelmingly positive and we are implementing his recommendations right across the agency. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon to other organisations needing well informed, professional advice and training on current best practice in web and social copywriting.”
Susy Trier | Department of Education

“Simon is a true expert in the field of web content. His knowledge and delivery made the day a real pleasure. He prepared and understood his audience, shared in our objectives for the course and new websites. From the get go he was engaging and ensured the content was relatable and valuable. Simon adds real value.”
Genevieve Doyle, Murrumbidgee & Southern NSW Local Health Districts

“Simon was incredibly responsive and invested time in understanding our needs. The training day covered everything, including examples from our websites, others in the education sector and beyond. Simon is an excellent trainer and kept our large group engaged the whole day. The course was so helpful and popular that we booked extra sessions for more staff to attend.”
Lisa Summer-Hayes, University of Queensland

“Dear Simon, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the training. The team gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about it. We started content writing last Monday and are already using your techniques to make our transformed website the best it can be. They were especially keen to let you know that your training helped them understand the importance of our users for everything they do.  I have also attached some photos of our ‘Simon Says’ infographic that the team has created to accompany them on the content writing journey. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us and for tailoring the training in such a fun, helpful way”
Catherine Duff, Website Transformation Project, Fair Work Ombudsman

“I commissioned Simon to run customised website writing training for ANSTO’s website contributors. Most of our writers had academic backgrounds so it was important for them to understand the difference between writing for academia and writing for the web. Simon used meaningful research to demonstrate how audiences access information online and gave excellent examples of best practice. He was skilled at handling challenging questions and delivered the training in a fun and supportive environment that left the group feeling confident and inspired about writing their web content.”
Ellice Mol, Online Content Editor, ANSTO

“The customised web writing workshop with SEO proved invaluable. Our staff now produces copy and content that drives more business through our client’s websites and newsletters. Simon is a friendly, approachable presenter with a profound knowledge of web writing and a good sense of humour. The course is not only practical and empowering, it’s also great fun!”   
Diana Forrester, General Manager, Professional Public Relations

“Simon’s skillfully delivered a highly engaging web writing session that was tailored, practical, content rich and very useful. Our team agreed that his tips and advice for online content writing will go a long way in improving our internal and external communications. He did many hours of pre-work to ensure our workshop was targeted to our business and style guidelines – which ultimately contributed to the success of the day. We highly recommend his training if you would like to add value and quality to your online presence (internal or external).”
Chris Archer – Suncorp

“Simon delivered a customised web writing course to AMA staff with varying online writing ability.  He greatly helped our team improve their understanding of the very different way people read on the web and showed us through theory, research and practical exercises how to best communicate with our many audiences online. All participants received a comprehensive workbook tailored specifically for the AMA, which is now an excellent reference tool. He delivered this course with clarity and professionalism.  I highly recommend Simon to any private or public organisation looking to train their staff in how to write for the web.
Sarah Morrison, Website Manager, AMA, Canberra

“Simon has given NBCF very useful inside information on how to make our website more SEO and user friendly, both in its navigation and language. The tailored training has greatly increased participation in our events and fundraising and was perfect for bringing more money into breast cancer research.”
Sue Murray, CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation

“Simon’s web writing workshop greatly improved our web writing skills and confidence during our site relaunch. Training or copywriting, Simon is an absolute pleasure – professional, approachable and highly knowledgeable.”
Karen Elliff, Black Dog Institute

“Hi Simon, just writing to let you know the feedback from our staff was extremely positive. They loved the mix of theory and use of pages from our own site. Thanks once again for the great workshops.”
Richard Shorten, NPS MedicineWise

“Simon is great at helping writers get a handle on the web. This includes how to make articles easier to read for a web audience and writing techniques to make websites more search engine friendly. I recommend him to any organisation wanting web training for their employees and/or members.”
Tina Allen, President, Australian Medical Writers Association

Simon Hiller is an excellent presenter and engaged our teams with well prepared, professional, tailored training and materials – including practical exercises – for our websites and intranet. The feedback from all attendees was very positive. Our content quality has vastly improved with the application of the course skills and advice. I would highly recommend Simon and his course.”
Clarissa Swann, Australian Financial Securities Authority

Training session participants

“Simon’s workshop was so different to any writing course I’ve ever been to. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to put the techniques we learned into practice and see how much they’ve improved my writing. More importantly, customer engagement and conversions are far higher. I really enjoyed being able to critique/rework our own copy, as well as understand the psychology, the why, behind copywriting and how to apply it. This was hands down the most helpful training I’ve ever done!”

“I thought the course was fantastic!! I learned how to be a lot more conscious of the way I write copy for the web – and how it should also be displayed. It was fascinating to learn how sophisticated Google is and how little changes can mean a world of difference. The exercises illustrating good and bad things about our content served as excellent practical examples. In fact – I am using the handbook right now to help me write up some copy for a new page on our website!! Extremely valuable.”

“I now have a far stronger understanding of how to write for the web. I especially loved critiquing our own webpages and look forward to using what I’ve learnt to write the new website. I really don’t think I could improve the course. It’s the best training session I’ve been to in a long time.”

“I really did enjoy Simon’s class. I am 100% self-taught from learning on-line, reading and my own experiences, so it was great to have someone tell me in simple terms WITH EXAMPLES what works, what doesn’t, and why. And there are things about web content I have been trying to get a handle on for ages and just found it too hard. He got that sorted out for me in my own head within ten minutes.”

“I have read about 25 books on website development and web writing. Simon provided a concise summary of all the useful information as well as a huge amount of tips and advice that I had never heard before. An incredibly useful course.”

“The practical comparisons with competitor’s websites were great. The way Simon constructively critiqued several of our web and social pages and had us apply his techniques to re-writing those pages was enormously beneficial.”

“Absolutely fantastic! Chock full of useful information – the handbook will be a lifesaver when I’m back at work and likely to have forgotten some important bits.”

“Clear, interesting, relevant content. Great examples to demonstrate ideas. Very engaging presentation; nice balance of input and collaboration. Love the fact that we have our manual and lots of useful links and sites. Met everyone’s needs.”

“The materials and learning activities were extremely interesting. I was staggered at the amount of web writing experience and knowledge Simon provided.”

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the fantastic job you did the other day. We were all really impressed and I think it will make a huge difference for us moving forward with our new websites. If you ever need a recommendation I would be more than happy to sing your praises!”

“Simon was a really great tutor, and kept us engaged throughout with lots of good examples of the concepts, and exercises to help us put them into practice. He delivered the course in a very interesting, useful and fun manner.”

“Simon delivered the course excellently. Real-life examples and robust discussion broke the course material into digestible segments. I have immediate takeaways to apply to my work and broader ideas to play around with.”

“Simon is a web content expert. His session on Web writing with SEO was a highly interactive and great learning experience. He made the most complex terms and ideas easy to understand and implement in my role. I would definitely recommend the course to writers and marketing teams. “

“I really enjoyed the practical learning and advice Simon provided. The web copywriting and SEO examples were relevant and hugely valuable. We’ve been outsourcing SEO and copy consultation, but now I feel confident enough to audit these myself. “

“Simon knows his stuff! I loved the exercises and the way he used so many examples from our own website and competitor sites. This was a really fun session. “

“I loved the questions from Simon to really challenge what we do and why. It will definitely help us to write better and more consistent comms… now the hard work begins! Thank you very much Simon, for a thoughtful, well organised and executed training program 🙂 “

“Simon was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Using our materials as examples and in team activities throughout the day made the learning experience fun. “

“I really enjoyed the tailored content. It was useful to get the bigger picture, but even better to know how to tailor it specifically to us. I also really enjoyed learning how people read digital content and found that super interesting. The activities were a great way to put everything he was saying into practice. “           

“I thought the course was fantastic! The exercises illustrating good and bad things about our content served as excellent practical examples. In fact – I am using the handbook right now to help me write some copy for a new page on our website. Extremely valuable.”

Copywriter testimonials

“Be it blog content or copy, Simon has a unique ability to interpret our needs and create content that truly engages readers. He’s been like an extension of the team, immersing himself to really understand what we do (often quite complex topics). His contribution to Snap has been tremendous and I recommend Simon to anyone looking for a true talent to partner with.”
Jagan Lamb – Marketing Manager, Snap Printing and Graphics

“Simon has a great ability to inject personality and creativity into entertaining and engaging blog content. He thinks about your audience, business goals and how to get results. He’s easy to work with and always makes me feel reassured because he cares about your brand as much as you do. That’s why I keep calling on his services at different companies I work with.”
Tricia Tselepi, Marketing Manager, DigiGround

“Simon did a fantastic job copywriting the PayPal website. He’s responsive, quick and a pleasure to deal with. His web writing expertise and deep understanding of our products and technology allowed us to provide a much better experience for consumers and businesses.”
Thien-Lan Weber, PayPal Australia

“Simon’s web copy and content for my new business was so different to anything in the market. He also helped me with the site structure. Clients and industry tell me how much they love the website.  If you’re looking for fresh, edgy copy and expert help, I highly recommend Simon.”
Dylan Salotti – Divitis Finance, Young Mortgage Broker of the Year

“From the very start, Simon understood our unique project and goals, and has been an integral part of the team. Along with writing creative and engaging copy, often under extremely tight deadlines, he’s provided invaluable ideas and feedback on design, usability and navigation. His content was so well received, international PayPal offices asked to use it. Just as importantly, he’s friendly, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.”
Bianka Demets – SMB Marketing Manager, PayPal

“Simon wrote the copy for our relaunched website.  Very quickly, he understood our business and its distinct operating units. He created some magic copy that perfectly reflected our brand and really connected with our clients.” 
Natalie Simmons, CiEvents

“Simon is an exceptional SEO copywriter. I’m so pleased with the results and just wish I’d found him sooner! He easily translated my ideas to target and capture my audience.  In two weeks, I was on the first page of Google and memberships increased 115%! If you want great service, more sales and a delightful person to work with, talk to Simon.”
Samantha Jayne – Relationship Expert & Dating Coach

“Simon’s advice and writing has helped us win many new clients and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. His copy and blogs have taken us to the front page of Google for many important keywords while perfectly fitting our fun, upmarket ski brand. With Simon, you get a great SEO copywriter who’s also part of your team.”
Michael Cohen, Director, Blue Powder Travel

“When all else fails, Simon will come to the rescue. Our website lacked that edge we were all looking for and other copywriters just couldn’t create what he so easily performed. Our site not only has that extra spark we were looking for, but a much more professional touch. We will never go anywhere else.”
Brad Aldcroft, Redspot Car Rentals

“Simon, thanks for all your help with our copy and blogs. I don’t know how we would have operated without you – seriously!”
Shelley Cardwell, Marketing Manager –

“For two years our basic website accounted for less than half a dozen enquiries. We’re now on the first page of Google search results for our most important keywords and new customers have been contacting us daily. Putting our trust in Simon’s outstanding writing skills was the best investment we could have ever made. We wish we’d done it years ago!”
Andre Quinn, Director – Abseilers United

“Simon Hillier is an exceptional editor and writer. The process we shared in writing my 20th book was without doubt the best and most professional I have ever experienced. Simon’s commitment to continually improving, guiding and offering constructive feedback was exceptional. He offers a truly great resource for anyone looking to create a message that resonates with heart, mind and incentive to act. I recommend him and his work with inspiration.”
Chris Walker, Author and International speaker

“Since Simon started copywriting the Reho Rap Newsletter our conversions have increased by 200%. His creative, humorous style suits our brand perfectly. The way he weaves his wording into mine works really well as clients constantly compliment me on “my” writing style!”
Karsten Horne, Managing Director – Reho Travel

“Liezel and I want to thank you for your fabulous work. We absolutely adore your writing style – it’s exactly what we were looking for – entertaining, fun and easy to read! Having never used a copywriter before, and being located on the other side of the world, your professionalism immediately put us at ease. Thank you for helping us make our dream a reality!”
Jenny Borges & Liezel Strauss, Founders of Foreign DIvas & publishers “get local!”

“Absolutely brilliant newsletter again – such a good read and comes across as advice and help rather than hard sell. Your connection of real travel with deals is spot on. I was so impressed with the way you turned the reports into extremely informative articles, well laid out and a perfect sales tool.”
David Tonkin, CEO

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