Writing for the web training

A tailored digital content writing course for your in-house team

EOFY special
$3000 flat-rate for up to 15 participants

Pay by 30 June and train by 1 Oct.



“Hands down, the most valuable writing course you could do with your team!”
Prue Carlton – National Comms Manager – Konica Minolta

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Tailored writing for the web training

EOFY special.
$3000 for up to 15 people.

“Hands down, the most valuable writing course you could do with your team!”
Konica Minolta

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Win over your web audiences with magnetic digital content writing

Are you looking to create online content that better engages and converts your audience?

Web readers today are impatient and unforgiving. So, it’s not enough for your in-house writers to know how to write well.

To captivate and win over online audiences, your team also needs to know tested writing techniques that specialist web copywriters use.

My Customised Digital Content Writing Training combines:

  • latest Writing for the Web best practices
  • tested and proven digital copywriting techniques
  • 24 years of knowledge gained writing for Microsoft, PayPal, Canva and hundreds of other big brand, non-profit and SMB clients.

Who is this training perfect for?

Anyone who writes content, from beginner to experienced, in:

  • Corporates and SMBs
  • Ad and digital agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Not-for-profits.

Flexible session length and location

I tailor workshops to your availability and needs. Popular formats include:

  • Face-to-face: One session 5 – 7 hours
  • Online (Zoom, MS Teams, etc): Over two or more shorter sessions.

Lift the quality and performance of your in-house content 

Web readers today are impatient and unforgiving.

So it’s not enough for your writers to learn how to write for the web.

To win over audiences, they also need to know techniques that digital copywriters use.

My Customised Content Writing Training combines:

  • web writing best practices
  • digital copywriting skills
  • 24yrs web copy expertise.

In a fully tailored workshop, your writers will:

Get inside reader’s heads
To know exactly what to say to capture and hold their attention.

Learn pro copywriting skills 
To improve the structure, appeal and performance of their writing.

Apply persuasion principles
So people keep reading and take the actions you desire.

Use step-by-step templates
To create great content readers enjoy – quickly and easily.

Discuss + improve your content
So they can confidently apply what they learn, where it matters.

Plus, take away my decades of experience writing digital copy for Microsoft, PayPal, Canva and hundreds of other brands, non-profits and SMBs.

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone who writes, or is responsible for, content in:

  • Big and small business
  • Ad and digital agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Not-for-profits

Whatever your web writing goals, we can achieve them together at your office or online.

Secure your $3000 EOFY Special

  • Pay by 30 June.
  • Train by 1 Sept.
  • 15 people max.

Learn to write for the web your web audience

Understanding best web writing practices makes your content more readable, accessible and engaging.

But it can’t help you overcome the tsunami of messages that swamp and distract your audience.

This training goes deeper to help business writers approach web content writing like professional copywriters.

In your 100% tailored course, your team will:

Get inside reader’s heads – so they know exactly what to say to capture and hold attention
Learn pro copywriting skills – to improve content structure, flow and engagement
Use persuasion techniques – that make readers want to keep reading and act now
Discuss and improve your content – so they can apply what they learn where it counts
Receive proven templates – to write high-performing content, quickly and easily.

Plus, learn all the latest web writing best-practices that every credible online business needs to know.

100% relevant content

This isn’t another one-size-fits-all course.

The techniques your team learn, exercises they work on and discussions we have will all focus on:

  • your existing web content
  • your newest writing
  • examples from your industry
  • relevant best-practice web writing.

Almost every training client says this 100% tailored approach delivers the greatest benefits and ROI.

The training and techniques work for all businesses + industries


“The bespoke training Simon ran with the Marketing team has reset our benchmark for digital copywriting excellence!

His hard work researching our brand, competition and latest work examples provided valuable and actionable insights. Engagements and conversions have both increased. I highly recommend Simon’s web writing training if you’re looking to empower your team with the expertise and skills needed for better commercial results.” 

~ Rebecca Sykes, Art Union Marketing Manager, RSL Queensland

Training that works for every industry

Master the latest, proven digital writing practices

I’ll teach your people web content writing techniques used today by the best in your industry – and best in the world.

By the end of the workshop, they’ll understand how to use these skills in their writing projects and see results straight away.

100% relevant content

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all course.

The techniques your team learn, exercises they work on and discussions we have will focus on:

● your existing web content
● content your team is creating
● examples from your industry
● relevant best-practice web writing.

Time and again, participants say the level of customisation I deliver is what makes the training so effect.

To make life easy, we can run the workshop at your office or online, any time or day.

We can even break the training into two or more sessions. Whatever works for you.

About your trainer – Simon Hillier

About your trainer – Simon Hillier

I’m Simon, I’ll design and deliver your training.

Over 24 years, I’ve:

  • written for 100s of big brands, start-ups and SMEs
  • trained thousands of writers across dozens of industries
  • faced and solved countless web content dilemmas.

Learn more About Me here.

To prepare for your session, I’ll deep dive to:

  • understand your needs
  • analyse your content
  • research your industry
  • design training that brings your writers immediate and long-term benefits.

Then serve up a workshop that’s interactive, productive and fun (so clients say!).

“The best thing about Simon’s writing for the web training was how tailored he made it.

He not only researched our company, but deeply investigated the quick service restaurant landscape to create a program that was informative and engaging. The exercises were especially helpful. We even made live changes to our site during the afternoon session!

~ Amber Brousek, eCommerce Manager, Krispy Kreme Australia

Some questions you may have

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What will our writers learn?

Customised Writing for the Web training means exactly that.

Your workshop is 100% tailored to the content challenges and goals that your writers and organisation face.

Depending on your objectives and needs, we could cover topics such as:  

    • how people read online today
    • constructing easy-to-scan content
    • engaging your busy web audiences
    • finding your tone of voice
    • powerful digital storytelling
    • persuasive copywriting techniques
  • SEO/Google-rank copywriting
  • attention grabbing titles, headlines and subheads
  • body copy that hooks and holds readers
  • driving desired actions
  • blog writing
  • email, social and video script writing
Or anything else that’s important to your writers and business.

Unlike other writing for the web courses, your session is all about you goals, your writing, your industry and your audience.

How long is a writing for the web workshop?

Workshop lengths and schedules are made-to-measure too.

Of course, the amount of time required will depend on the number of topics you want to cover.

The most popular formats are:

  • Face-to-face: One full day 5 – 7 hours
  • Online (Zoom, MS Teams, etc): Two mornings 3 – 4 hours each

Other clients prefer to run online training over a longer period. For example:

  • 3-hour sessions over 3 weeks (9hrs total)
  • 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks (8hrs total)

I can take your through all the options and benefits of each.

How much does a web writing workshop cost?

Until June 30, 2022, I am offering a flat-rate End Of Financial Year Special:

$3000 + GST for a fully customised one full-day/two half days’ training.

Book and Pay by 30 June.
Train by 30 September, 2022.

I create the training for your specific needs.

As my client testimonials confirm, no other organisation provides the level of customisation your team will receive in my courses.

And my price is always far less than if you sent your people to an all-day public course that offers no customised content, exercises or focus.

How many participants in each workshop?

I’ve run customised content writing workshops for as few as five people, and as many as 50.

The ideal number is 15 or fewer, as I can give each person individual attention.

Some bigger clients like to runs sessions by business areas or departments.

For example, marketing and sales in one session, legal and policy in another, etc.

Then we can tailor the content even further for a specific group within your organisation.


What’s the training guarantee?

Over the past 23 years, I’ve trained thousands of people in web writing and continually develop my training to get better results.

I’m also incredibly passionate about helping organisations do great things with their words.

So, I will put in an enormous amount of time and effort to make your workshop a hugely beneficial experience.

However, if you feel your people don’t get value from the training, you won’t have to pay.

“Simon crafted a highly engaging, relevant and tailored writing for the web workshop for our team.

He was consultative during the whole planning process and went beyond my expectations in terms of preparation. And on the day, he adapted on the fly to meet the specific needs of my team.

~ Michelle Houareau, Brand and Marketing Manager, Teachers Mutual Bank

Like a quote and information on tailored web writing training for your team?

Call Simon on 0414 414 151 to discuss your needs. Or send the short form below and I’ll get back to you quickly.

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